Complete Balance Holistic Therapies
Helen Mawson

Helen Mawson

Optimum health is achieved when all of the complex aspects of our lives are in balance, this enables us to be happy, fulfilled and full of health. It is often easier said than done to achieve this state and we all experience varying levels of balance and imbalance in our lives. When we constantly experience imbalance or have done so over a long period of time it becomes a problem and as a result, illness may occur.

By using the therapies of The Bowen Technique, Health Kinesiology, and Reiki & Seichem balance on physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels can be achieved, and the potential for optimum health on these levels can become a reality! In practice, clients tend to be amazed & delighted by what can be achieved with these therapies.

My background

My lifelong interest in holistic health and self- development led me to train in The Bowen Technique, Health Kinesiology and Reiki & Seichem. I undertake regular Continued Professional Development training (CPD) which enables me to be a full member of the Bowen Association in the UK and Australia. I am also a full member of the Kinesiology Federation in the UK and The Reiki & Seichem Association in the UK.

I constantly update my knowledge and skills by attending advanced training, workshops and reading around the subject of health and well-being. In my training, I have studied Counselling Skills, Nutrition and Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology for Holistic practitioners. I have also studied Touch for Health – a branch of Kinesiology.

My therapy training and subsequent work in my practice has taken me on an amazing journey of discovery. Discovery of the human body, the human psyche and also self-discovery. I believe that everything I have learnt has a positive impact on my work as a therapist and adds a different dimension to what can be achieved for my clients. For example, learning about Traditional Chinese Medicine through my Kinesiology training and beyond has really shown me how everything in our bodies, and indeed our lives, are inter-related and that all these things have an impact upon our physical health and well-being. As a result, my skill-set enables me to offer a complete package – a truly holistic treatment and perspective on health.

My practice

In my practice, I work with the therapy that best fits the needs of the individual at any one time. The holistic nature of my work allows lasting balance to take place helping people make positive changes in their lives and often resolve long-standing issues.

I hope you enjoy browsing this site and that it inspires you to book a treatment or maybe your place on the next Wellness Workshop! If you need any further information please get in touch.


“I’m delighted to have found you – you’re very down to earth and not at all new age! Looking forward to my next treatment.”

“I have had hip pain for a few years. I was in discomfort after only a couple of hours of walking before Bowen. Bowen has helped me so much that I have since trekked in the Himalayas with no pain!”

“My neck pain has gone, I no longer wake up with discomfort and headaches. Thank you. I would recommend Bowen to anyone!”

“I feel Bowen keeps my body balanced and working well, I look forward to my monthly session”

“Having had the best nights sleep I’m skipping around in a good mood! Thanks the treatment is amazing!”

“My neck feels so much better, I am sleeping better and have less pain in my arm also!”

“The Bowen Technique seems to be the only thing that works to keep my back feeling well. I really appreciate your time and effort – thank you!”

“I really appreciate the time you take to explain the different things you do in a treatment and how things work, it makes sense when you explain it.” “I cant wait for my top up session in a month.”

Helen gave me a Bowen treatment after I’d torn ligaments in my ankle. After a similar injury previously, I’d suffered pain, swelling and severe bruising. I was amazed that, after only one treatment, there was hardly any pain and practically no swelling or bruising. Helen has a genuine healing touch.
Linda M-H, Bishops Castle

I’ve been going to Helen on-and-off for a couple of years. I really find the Bowen technique has helped me with back problems and menstrual pain. What I most like about this technique is that it’s gentle yet effective, it’s really made me reconsider how our bodies work and how best to look after them. Isla M. London

I’ve had Bowen with Helen for several problems over the last few years and I’ve always found that she is incredibly knowledgeable and intuitive in the way she works. She takes a thorough up to date history and puts me at my ease. My treatments have been very successful, especially together with Helen’s invaluable advice on nutrition, diet and lifestyle.’ GS, Bath

I had to let you know, I feel so good right now, it’s the best I have felt in a long long time, in fact I can’t remember the last time I felt this good. Thank you so much, it’s just brilliant.IM, Gloucestershire

I welcome feedback & comments from all my clients. Please do let me know your thoughts and experiences.