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Official Bowtech website for the UK. Bowtech is the original Bowen Technique as taught and gifted to the world by the late Tom Bowen.
Excellent resource for Bowen therapy training in the UK. supply exceptional nutritional supplements. Supplements are food state and wholefood meaning they are as close to food as possible so your body gets the most benefit.
Website offering high quality vitamin and mineral supplements.
Website offering nutritional advice, vitamin and mineral supplements.
Purchase Homeopathic medicines and supplies here.
A.Vogel offers high quality herbal tinctures and supplements, and advice on natural herbal health. (Isbourne Centres website)
The Isbourne Holistic Centre, offers holistic therapies and educational courses based in Cheltenham. Website for Christiane Northrup expert MD on female health.
Patrick Holford is a Nutritional expert and founder of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION) in the UK and his site offers a wealth of information concerning Optimum Nutrition.
Website offering a wealth of health information.
The Sacred Trust offers sound core shamanic training in the UK.
Website for Health Kinesiology in the UK.
Website dedicated to listing the Specific Absorption Rate’ (SAR) values of radiation given off by mobile phones.
Implosion Research based in Plymouth are a company who make imploded water products that help energise water and that help protect the body’s electromagnetic field.
An online resource for holistic therapy in the UK.
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