Complete Balance Holistic Therapies

Care for your back

By Helen Mawson

Health Kinesiology and your back

Health Kinesiology (HK) has a very effective way of testing and correcting structural imbalance. The system uses a technique called muscle testing that can identify any imbalance that is causing you problems. HK will then use a range of gentle, effective and powerful techniques to bring about balance and eliminate these problems.

About your back

The spine is made up of 33 small bones called vertebrae with discs that act as shock absorbers in between. These bones are given a code to show where they are in the spine.

  • C 1 to 7 refers to the vertebrae in the neck
  • T 1-12 refers to the thoracic spine (from the bottom of the neck to the lumbar region)
  • L 1-5 refers to the lumbar (or lowest) section of the spine
  • Beneath the lumbar spine there are another 5 vertebrae which in adults are fused together, forming the sacrum with the coccyx (or tail bone) underneath

The discs are made up of a soft jelly like substance (the nucleus) which is held inside a tough, elastic and fibrous outer casing (the annulus). If the outer casing of these discs is damaged in any way and causes the nucleus to protrude, or even leak out, it causes what is commonly known as a ‘slipped’ disc, but correctly known as a prolapsed disc.

Common causes of back problems

The muscles in the back support the spine and sometimes these muscles go into a spasm that results in the most common form of back pain. The lowest region of the back – the lumbar region – is the most vulnerable area, and back pain often occurs here. This is because the lower part of the spine bears the entire weight of the upper body, and is flexed, twisted and bent more than any other part of the spine. It therefore, inevitably, suffers more wear and tear.

Factors that may trigger back pain include:

  • Inappropriate posture
  • Overwork of the body
  • Inappropriate exercise
  • Lack of exercise
  • Inadequate furniture
  • Stress
  • Weak back muscles

Other causes of back problems:

Allergies & intolerance
When your body does not recognise a food it reacts allergically creating a whole host of problems sometimes causing vertebrae to react inappropriately.

Hormonal imbalance
The hormone system is the most complex system we have in our bodies and having an imbalance at this level could affect many aspects of your health.

Psychological & emotional issues
Sometimes when we react stressfully to certain situations, or people it causes our structure to become unbalanced. Stressful events or traumas that have occurred in our past could be at the root of our back issues and may need to be dealt with before we can move on. In a HK session the practitioner can establish if there are any “other factors” that need to be considered and then these can be dealt with. With HK the practitioner can identify underlying causes of your back problem. Gentle techniques are then used that allow your body to balance itself and eliminate the back problem.


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