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How stress effects the body

Stress affects everyone differently, and our coping mechanisms are also very different. We as humans are designed to be able to cope with a moderate amount of stress. Problems occur however when the stress we are experiencing is continuous and where there is no let up. At a physical level stress can; raise blood pressure, lower immunity, affect our nervous system detrimentally, affect sleep patterns, cause digestive disturbances, effect mood, cause anxiety and tension can often cause headaches. As you can see minimising stress should be a priority for everyone, as it can have significant benefits to our health and well-being.

How Bowen effects the nervous system

In a Bowen treatment We directly stimulate the nervous system by applying Bowen moves along the vertebral column, other moves applied on the body will also stimulate a response from the nervous system. We are trying to get the sympathetic nervous system to calm down and the parasympathetic system to fire up more easily which will help us to feel more balanced and less stressed. In Bowen we also affect other structures and systems in the body such as; nerves, tendons, ligaments, muscles and the fascia. Many clients report that they feel a deep sense of relaxation during treatment and that this continues for several days after treatment also. Been in a more relaxed space allows the body to function much better and people feel much better in themselves and able to cope and deal with things much easier.

Health Kinesiology for restoring balance

As a Kinesiologist I can quickly assess where stress is impacting upon a persons energy system, and this may well be connected to physical symptoms that are being experienced. Using the Traditional Chinese Medicine framework of 5 element theory I can quickly and effectively identify imbalance and give indications on how this can be treated for the individual. In Kinesiology I have a varied toolkit that can be used to bring back harmony and balance to body and mind.

Flower essences for emotional healing

Flower remedies are very effective at helping with emotional problems or blocks at an emotional or psychological level. Rescue Remedy is a well-known flower essence and is a combination essence from the Bach remedies developed by Doctor Edward Bach in the 1930s. There are many essences from the Bach set that I will often recommend for clients including; Mimulus – helps with any fears, specifically fears of known things. Walnut – excellent for use when going through big changes in life. Rock Rose – excellent for intense alarm or horror, this can be used after an accident or with fears and phobias. Agrimony- after a quarrel or fight this remedy restores equilibrium quickly, it brings about a sense of peace and joy! There are 38 Bach remedies in total. I prefer using Healing Herbs Bach remedies which are made as per the original procedure that Dr Bach set down.

In practice I work with lots of different remedies as there are many different types available such as; Australian Bush essences Alaskan essences, and Perelandra essences which are made in America and have very specific healing qualities.

The importance of nutrition

Nutritional changes can have a great effect on the body, eliminating foods that create more stress in the body in the way of inflammation for example can impact significantly. Alkalising the diet by removing acid forming foods and eating more alkaline foods can also be very beneficial. Many nutritionists refer to the stomach as the 2nd brain and so having good digestive health is very important. Things like natural yogurt and probiotics including fermented foods like kefir and cider vinegar can greatly improve digestive health. Adding specific herbal remedies such as lemon balm St. John’s wort and valerian as examples can also be beneficial for some. I can offer advice on this to support the hands-on therapy work I carry out in a session.

Taking time out

Taking some time for you each week or each day can be very beneficial to health and well- being. Five or ten minutes spent alone either sat down or lying down and clearing the mind can have a significant benefit on health. It slows the heart rate and can calm the nervous system. Meditation is also another wonderful way of clearing and calming the mind.

Energy techniques

There are many techniques that are used in Kinesiology that can help with stress and also help you to be happier, more confident, and focused. I share below one of my favourites. Recalling the things that make you happy is a well-used and well-known technique used by many therapists in order to effect positive changes in body biochemistry.

Take 5 minutes right now:

  • Recall something that makes you smile. This could be a person, place a pet, or something enjoyable that has happened previously.

  • Really get into thinking about whatever it is.
  • Pay attention to how this feels in your body. Do you feel heat anywhere? Are you beginning to feel a warm glow in your solar plexus area? Is your breathing slowing down?
  • Spend around 2 minutes thinking about whatever it is and experiencing how it makes you feel.
  • Take your index finger and tap the space between your eyes whilst still thinking. Do this for around 30 seconds or more if it feels good.

This technique literally taps the thought and feeling in at a cellular level. The more you do this, the easier it will be to recall happy memories and your body will respond by relaxing. Several other significant and beneficial changes also occur in the body’s biochemistry and hormonal system as a result of this exercise.


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