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How to have a Healthy Happy Christmas and New Year!

In this article, I share with you some of my top tips on how to keep yourself balanced, happy, healthy and stress-free throughout Christmas and New year. I will also share some self-help techniques that you can try for yourself.


When we are deficient in certain vitamins and minerals it can have serious implications for our health and well-being. I will often recommend supplements and remedies when appropriate for the individual. My go-to vitamins and minerals for this time of year include; Zinc, Vit D3 and Vit C for immunity and a good multi-mineral complex as we are often deficient in many minerals and these are important in a variety of different ways. Whilst I am not a fully qualified nutritionist I have trained in nutrition and use my Kinesiology testing to advise clients on basic nutrition that will complement the hands-on work we do.

Get your lymphatic system moving

The best way to get your lymph moving is to get your body moving. Gentle appropriate exercise stimulates the body on many levels releasing endorphins, getting the blood pumping around the body and getting the lymphatic system working at its best. Having a healthy lymphatic system helps the body eliminate toxins more efficiently which in turn helps the body feel better. Walking, swimming and also rebound exercise on a mini trampoline are my favourites! Rebounders are very effective at getting the lymphatic system moving, and in building cardiovascular and muscular strength fast. 10 mins on the rebounder is equivalent to 30 mins jogging!

Keep well hydrated

We need water to help all of our organs function properly, protecting our joints, carrying oxygen from cell to cell, maintaining body temperature and a whole host of other vital functions. In practice, I have seen clients in chronic pain begin to drink more water and their pain levels significantly diminish.

Take some time to feel good

When we feel good we release a whole host of balancing hormones and neuropeptides from Oxytocin to Nitric Oxide. These help the body in so many ways. Essentially, they are helping our nervous system back into its parasympathetic state where healing and repair can occur. Try and do something you enjoy every day to help this process. A great example is spending time with loved ones and pets helping to release oxytocin, known as the bonding or love hormone!

Take 5 minutes right now

  • Recall one thing that makes you smile.
  • Really get into thinking about whatever it is.
  • Pay attention to how this feels in your body. Do you feel heat anywhere? Are you beginning to feel a warm glow in your solar plexus area? Is your breathing slowing down?
  • When you have spent about 2 mins thinking about whatever it is and experiencing how it makes you feel take your index finger and tap the space between your eyes whilst still thinking. Do this for around 30 seconds or more if it feels good.
  • This technique literally taps the thought and feeling in at a cellular level. The more you do this, the easier it will be to recall happy memories and your body will respond by relaxing. Several other significant and beneficial changes also occur in the body’s biochemistry.

Get back to nature

More and more research has been conducted on how humans require exposure to nature, in order to be balanced and healthy. This is not something that I require scientific evidence to prove the benefits to me, it is common sense! Take yourself off into nature, and see how this makes you feel.

Minimise your exposure to electrical devices

Minimising your exposure to electrical devices such as computers, mobile phones, and WiFi is really important to keep the human electrical system healthy. Too much exposure disrupts the hormonal and electrical systems and may cause problems such as insomnia, short attention, headaches and migraines and a whole host of other problems.

Get your posture right

When you are feeling in a difficult space emotionally or mentally just gently pay attention to your posture. Next, remember a time when you felt in a good space and notice how your body posture will change. Notice then how your mood changes and that good feeling grows. It is scientifically proven that once you change your physiology i.e. body posture your psychology has no choice but to follow suit. If you would like more information on this drop me an email and I can recommend some videos and books.


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