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My qualifications, skills and experience as a therapist

I was recently asked about my qualifications as a therapist and I thought it would be a good idea to write a short piece about these and highlight some of my experience. I dont usually blow my own trumpet but feel that explaining my qualifications might highlight how committed I am to my field.

I qualified as a Bowen therapist around 8 years ago and you can find more about me on my website If you are reading this piece you are probably already on my website! You can also find me listed on the UK Bowen Association websites register of therapists on
I am a full member of this Association in the UK and the Bowen Association in Australia. This entitles me to use the letters BTAA and BAUK.

In 2003, I qualified in Health Kinesiology and am still a practicing Kinesiologist. As part of that course, I undertook training in Nutrition, Basic Counselling and a fairly full on Holistic Body course covering – Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology from the School of Craniosacral studies in Reading. I also qualified in Touch for Health which is another form of Kinesiology. As part of my Kinesiology practice I constantly read and learn about many aspects of holistic health some of these include; Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Homeopathy, Flower Essences, and Energy Medicine.

I am required as a therapist to undertake 16 hours CPD per year. In truth I probably undertake around 160 CPD hours per year in the reading, webinars and other activities I undertake to keep myself up to date with developments in my field.

I sit on the Bowen Associations committee in the UK advising and undertaking marketing activities for them on a voluntary basis. Health is my passion and I am committed to furthering Bowen as therapy as much as possible.

Finally, I hold a BSc Hons is in Business management and a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing and am also a Chartered Marketer. I mention these qualifications as I believe this adds credibility as it shows my highest level qualifications.


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