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Tips & techniques for a healthy new year

By Helen Mawson

Let’s face it, most of us usually start the New Year feeling less than radiant with all the festive indulgence over the last few months, cold weather and what seems like an endless stretch of dark evenings ahead we could all do with a boost! I’ve listed below some of my best tips and advice to feel great.

Of course it’s always useful for you to see a qualified practitioner such as a Kinesiologist or Nutritionist in order to establish your unique nutrition and exercise needs. Health Kinesiology (HK) is a unique therapy that is concerned with re-balancing the body. The therapy can test for allergies / intolerance, identify specific nutritional and exercise needs, and balance emotional issues, helping you achieve optimum health & vitality all year round.

Most effective post-festive supplements:

For immune support try vitamin C which is useful after too much exertion, alcohol cigarettes or if taking the contraceptive pill. It’s also a good all rounder for extra energy during the winter months. Olive leaf extract, colloidal silver, echinacea, black elderberry and zinc are all excellent immune boosters.

For digestive support probiotic formulas include a bacterial supplement used to replenish the bifidobacteria and lactobacillus acidophilus which inhabit a healthy gut. The growth of these friendly bacteria encourages a healthy digestive system and oestrogen clearance. Also try a prebiotic (fructo-oligosaccharides – FOS) formula which encourage growth of bifidobacteria in the gut flora. 15mg per day is optimum.

Digestive enzymes – lipase, amylase, protease – are also useful in supporting digestion. Digestive enzymes are secreted into the digestive tract to break food down into its component nutrients. These can be absorbed across the gut wall into the bloodstream. If the enzyme system is not working properly food does not get fully broken down, passes into the large intestine, possibly ferments and causes flatulence, bloating and diarrhoea. Fennell, peppermint, ginger and dandelion are also excellent digestive aids either in tincture form, tablet form or as herbal tea.

For cleansing & detox try the following:

Milk thistle in tablet form or as a tincture is a liver support and detoxifier. You will need to drink plenty of water with this product. If you are looking to balance blood sugars and change your shape & weight you may want to try chromium which is needed for glucose tolerance factor within the body to work. Also try a good B vitamin complex as these are also used in blood sugar and hormonal balance. I generally recommend Higher Nature products which can be found on or Quest and A.Vogel or pop into Myriad Organics in Ludlow who stock a wide range of supplements, tablets and tinctures.

Rebounding exercise for health & happiness

Rebounding is an exercise technique that involves using a mini trampoline. It has been described by NASA as the most efficient and effective form of exercise yet known to man due to the gravitational pull involved when we bounce up and down. Rebounding exercise involves moving all parts of the body at once and also impacts at a cellular level helping to remove toxins and deliver and absorb nutrients to cells. The exercise is also amazingly efficient at pumping lymph and in this way helps rid the body of unwanted toxins – great for this time of year!

Many people have experienced amazing results in pain relief, weight loss, joint mobility and increasing fitness levels from using a mini trampoline. It’s fun and easy to do it’s also easy to fit into your life if you have a hectic one. It is believed that 10 minutes on a mini trampoline is equivalent to 30 minutes jogging – it certainly gets my vote for this fact alone! The key to success with rebounding is little and often, it is cumulative and if you can do 5 minutes several times per day and continue to do so over a period of several weeks you will notice a difference. I did this when I first got mine and within a month I’d dropped a dress size – amazing!

Other benefits of rebounding:

  • Aids circulation
  • Increases mobility
  • Aids weight loss
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Relieves pain
  • Reduces stress & tension
  • Stimulates metabolism
  • Boosts lymphatic & immune system
  • Improves eyesight
  • Boosts endorphins to make you feel great

If you fancy investing in a mini trampoline you need to make sure you purchase a decent one – have a look at the PT bouncers on

In my Kinesiology practice I have helped people with allergy / intolerance problems, digestive disturbances, pms, stress, high blood pressure, candida, migraine, arthritis, skin problems, nutrition & weight issues.


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