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Top tips to maintain health through Christmas and into the New Year

Christmas and the winter months are happy for most of us but for some this time of year can cause additional stress and strain. Seasonal bugs and winter illnesses abound and stress can creep up on even the most balanced of us! In this article, I share with you some top tips that you can use to maintain your health and balance and ensure you feel fabulous throughout the season.

Good nutrition:

Nutritional changes can have a great effect on helping to deal with seasonal bugs and stress. Eliminating foods that create more stress in the body in the way of inflammation, for example, can impact significantly. Alkalising the diet by removing acid-forming foods and eating more alkaline foods can also be very beneficial. Many nutritionists refer to the stomach as the 2nd brain and so having good digestive health is very important. Things like natural yogurt and probiotics including fermented foods like kefir and cider vinegar can greatly improve digestive health and are excellent to add in at this time of year.

When we are deficient in certain vitamins and minerals we can experience specific symptoms. Vitamins and minerals that are vital to our nervous system and therefore helpful in warding off stress include; magnesium and most of the b vitamins. There are many other useful supplements that can also be used for this purpose including theanine and taurine. The helpful vitamins and minerals for seasonal viruses and bugs include; vitamin c, zinc and copper, selenium, and vitamin d. I also recommend taking a good probiotic especially over Christmas time when you might be eating less healthily than usual. In practice, I will often test clients using Kinesiology muscle testing for deficiencies and recommend the supplements they can use in order to help.

Gentle exercise:

Gentle appropriate exercise stimulates the body on many levels releasing endorphins, getting the blood pumping around the body and getting the lymphatic system working at its best. These things all help you to feel good. Find something that you enjoy and that is appropriate for your fitness levels. I love walking, swimming and also rebound exercise on my mini trampoline! Rebounders are super effective at getting the lymphatic system moving, and in building cardiovascular and muscular strength fast. You don’t need to do over-do it either; apparently, 10 minutes on the rebounder is equivalent to 30 minutes jogging which works for me!

A quick self-help routine that will get you buzzing:

3 Thumps Routine:
1. K27- Points at the end of your Kidney Meridian, dents just below your clavicle. Tapping or massaging these points is a simple yet effective exercise that will:

  • Energize you if you’re feeling drowsy
  • Focus you if you’re having difficulty concentrating

2. Thymus – Tapping the area over your thymus gland will:

  • Boost your immune system
  • Stimulate all your energies
  • Increase strength & vitality

3. Spleen Points – Tapping the Spleen Points below armpits bottom of bra (the spot is often quite tender to the touch) will:

  • Lift your energy level
  • Balance your blood chemistry
  • Strengthen your immune system

Useful remedies:

The remedies I use for general balance, stress and calming the nervous system include;

*Rescue remedy / 5 flower remedy – This is a great remedy to have in your medicine cupboard or handbag. It is a combination of 5 of the Bach flower remedies.

Mimulus – A Bach flower remedy used to treat fears, particularly fears of known things like upcoming exams, driving tests, meetings or other events you fear.

Argent Nit – A homeopathic remedy that is used to treat apprehension and anxiety especially regarding an approaching event.

Aconite – A homeopathic remedy that is excellent for intense fear, shock, and anxiety.

Nux Vom – If you have overindulged on food or alcohol this remedy is very useful.

Have some treatment with me!

I offer treatments tailored to the needs of the individual and we will take a detailed consultation before we decide on the best course of action. As you all know I work with the therapies of Kinesiology and The Bowen Technique. Bowen is very gentle and relaxing and has a big impact on the nervous system balancing and restoring a sense of well-being. In a Bowen treatment we directly stimulate the nervous system by applying Bowen moves along the vertebral column, other moves applied on the body will also stimulate a response from the nervous system. We are trying to get the sympathetic nervous system to calm down and the parasympathetic system to fire up more easily which will help us to feel more balanced and less stressed. In Bowen, we also affect other structures and systems in the body such as; nerves, tendons, ligaments, muscles and the facia. Many clients report that they feel a deep sense of relaxation during treatment and that this continues for several days after treatment also. There are lots of different procedures in this therapy that can address all sorts of issues from top to toe!


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