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Here’s a selection of case studies and customer comments. Many thanks to the people who’ve shared their stories here and comments. It can be helpful to others to read about other people’s experiences. Having said that, please remember that every person has individual needs, and treatments will vary accordingly.

If you would like to talk about an issue that you do not see listed below please get in touch.

Customer Comments

“Its rare that you come across a therapist who is not only a good therapist with a rich holistic knowledge but also who is incredibly down to earth. I had an appointment with Helen to help me finish ironing out some health issues. She made me feel comfortable and listened to. She worked in an intuitive and grounded way. After sessions with Helen I always feel very relaxed despite being someone who usually has to work hard at relaxing! It has also helped switch off some uncomfortable symptoms quickly.”
Lisa B. Upleadon

“Just to let you know that as from this morning my right hand feels much better. I can move all digits and I can’t feel any pain.”
Dagmar P. Ledbury

“I recently had a session of Bowen with Helen for ankle pain that I had been suffering with for a few months, causing walks with my dog to be difficult. After just one session I no longer have the pain. This is quite remarkable and I am so grateful. I have no hesitation in recommending Helen. Thank You!”
Jane T. Ledbury

“I enjoy regular Bowen Therapy sessions with Helen, as part of my routine of using complementary therapies to maintain good health. I find the Bowen sessions extremely relaxing, any niggling aches or pains soon resolve and I always feel more balanced and positive after the treatment. I also find that my joints are more flexible with regular Bowen sessions. Helen’s knowledge, experience, and clear explanations ensure that at every session I learn something new about diet, well-being and holistic health.”
Jenni Townsend Bowen Therapist

“I have had Macular Oedema in my right eye for almost 2 years, which resulted in the need for Lucentis injections in the back of my eye, 3 at first, one month apart, which seemed to help. However, after a few months, my vision blurred again, so I had to undergo more injections. I have been having Bowen throughout and I am certain it has helped the problem not get any worse. In June Helen used some advanced eye procedures that she had just learned, these procedures had an amazing impact! It is now 3 months since I have needed to have an injection! On the second Bowen session with the advanced procedures, my eye seemed so much better. At my hospital check up the week later they confirmed that my eye was again perfectly healthy! My vision is still clear, and with my glasses, I have 20/20 vision!
Thank you so much, Helen, I am so grateful.”
Lesley M, Herefordshire.

“Bowen helps with my hip and knee pain, it also helps me relax. The monthly treatment keeps the pain under control. It helped my original problem and also any other short- term problems that have arisen.”
Chris R, Ledbury

“I have had pain and stiffness in my right hip area for about 18months. I started off seeing a chiropractor but the treatment was too painful. The Bowen Technique is wonderfully gentle with strong results. I have been having treatment with Helen for about 6 months and The stiffness and pain in my hip has become less and the whole area generally feels less awkward. I will continue to see Helen for my hip and am confident that I will soon be pain free. Other areas of the session Helen treats are energy levels, the results of these are amazing, for such a gentle treatment I am thrilled with the results. Helen puts you at ease and explains each process and advises on exercises that will help. I highly recommend Helen and the Bowen Technique.”
Liz L, Cheltenham

“Sorry I haven’t been in contact recently. Not only has it been (and still is) a rather chaotic summer, but all the bits that used to hurt seem to be better!”
Jenny M, Shropshire

“My Shoulder is much better, I can raise it higher and I didn’t get the usual wrist ache last night in bed so I slept better too!”
Margaret M, Ludlow

“Thank you so much for what you did this morning. It’s been so much better!”
Jenny M, Knighton

“I was experiencing intense pain and was unable to move my head or neck. Any movement was unbearable so I phoned Helen to ask for help. Within an hour after the first treatment, the pain began to subside. I still had very little movement but was I able to get some much-needed sleep that night. After the second treatment, the pain reduced dramatically and the movement in my neck improved considerably also. After the third treatment, the pain was completely gone and I was able to turn and move my head without any restriction. The effect of Bowen for me I feel was nothing short of miraculous! It is a truly wonderful modality and I recommend it without hesitation to anyone experiencing pain!”
Tracey O’, Moccas

“Dear Helen,
I wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the treatments that you have done for me as they have made such a difference. I feel a lot better in myself – my headaches have gone, I feel a lot more relaxed and the ear ache I have been suffering from for a while on and off seems to ease off since the last treatment.A huge thank you!”
Pascale C, Cheltenham

“I feel so much better this morning, my neck and head feel better and my lower back and legs are fine!”
Lesley M, Shropshire

“Having had chronic backache down my central spine for a few months, Helen gave me a mini treatment, whilst sitting on a chair. Next morning the backache had disappeared and has not returned. Fantastic a great result!”
Frank M, Bishops Castle

“You have totally solved my back problem for which I am most grateful.”
Richard E, Cheltenham

“I first met Helen when I was suffering from osteoarthritis in both my hips. Helen is very good at explaining what she is about to do and why. Bowen treatments helped relieve the pain and stiffness I was frequently suffering from. After a treatment, I was able to move much more freely which was a great relief. I now have two hip replacements but will continue to have treatments as they are beneficial to my recovery.I would highly recommend Helen for her Bowen treatments and knowledge of general health and wellbeing.”
Margaret M, Ludlow

“I just wanted to give you a quick update before the Bowen session tomorrow and let you know how well my elbow and wrist are coming on. It’s really taken off in the last couple of days and I have got a lot more movement so I am really happy. My fracture clinic appointment last Thursday was for the physio to measure all the angles of my wrist/elbow and then I had to go back today for a proper session. They couldn’t believe how much I had improved since they took all the measurements and I think they were a bit blown away as to how it had happened!! I honestly think the improvement is all due to the Bowen, so thanks so much and I’m hoping there will be a further improvement after tomorrow’s session.”
Kathryn B, Bath

“I was suffering from chronic soreness and stiffness in my knees when I had two Bowen sessions with Helen. The results even after just one treatment were remarkable – there was an immediate dramatic reduction in the pain and stiffness. It’s hard to believe that this gentle technique can produce such relief.”
Steve H, Shropshire

“Having visited Helen on a number of occasions over the past year I have found her to be very friendly, kind, thorough and professional. I have experienced huge benefits to mind and body. I would definitely recommend this treatment and Helen!”
Sarah M, Ledbury

“I have never experienced any other therapy that instantly relaxes my body.”

“Bowen for me has given me a deep clarity and understanding of my body.”
Kathryn H, Ledbury

“Over a number of years, I have noticed my jaw clicking occasionally and often being rather tight. I approached Helen who, over a course of treatments, made my jaw feel much looser. Helen explains everything thoroughly so I felt comfortable with the treatment and its effects.”
Ben P, Hereford

“After seeing Helen’s feature on the Bowen Technique in the Ledbury Focus, I contacted her. As I had been suffering from terrible dizziness as a result of a farm accident in 2012 in which I received a severe blow to the back of my head.
After an initial consultation and a few treatments with Helen, I now feel so much better and free of dizziness. I would definitely recommend Helen and her treatments.”
David W, Tarrington

Shoulder doing very well thanks. Golf is no problem and I’m tempted to make a return to squash very soon.”
Richard E, Cheltenham

Your stories

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